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• Take off the shoulder immobilizer per instructions (page 3). • Following shoulder precautions (page 2) while the sling is off. • Cover the incision site with plastic wrap or Tegaderm to prevent the incision and dressing from becoming wet. If your dressing becomes wet, remove it and replace it. It is better to
repairs/strains, shoulder instabilities/injuries, and post-surgical rehabilitation. Caution This immobilizer is supportive only and is not guaranteed to prevent injury. If any problems occur related to use of this product please contact your certified medical professional.
Instruction video clip. This film gives you helpful tips on care with the immobilisation orthosis medi Easy sling. The medi Easy sling can be used after operations on either the left or the right shoulder.
Best arm sling and swathe shoulder immobilizer for treatment of broken bones, dislocations, sprains, strains, tears, and fractures. This sling and swathe provides optimal patient comfort and a universal design for any size!
12/07/2016 · Information contained on this video or provided by our staff is for reference purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice, medical opinion or form any part of a treatment protocol. We
Tricot Shoulder Immobilizer Site Map 669 East Industrial Park Drive – Manchester, NH 03109 – Phone 603.623.3344 – Fax 603.623.4111
26/05/2017 · The Benecare Poly Arm Sling is a deluxe, lightweight, breathable and adjustable shoulder and arm support, that is suitable for trauma and post – operative indications. It is designed to maintain
Shoulder Immobilizer with Web Strap Large envelope with shoulder and waist strapping constructed of durable and comfortable nylon webbing. Adjustable shoulder pad and thumb loop allow for a secure fit without migration.
Trouble Shooting Your Shoulder Sling. The SlingShot™ 3 shoulder sling is designed to be comfortable and easy to use. There are a few things that might you find the perfect fit. Patients with larger chests may want to opt for the sling closure extension. This is available simply by …

Shoulder Immobilizer w/ Foam Straps Constructed of canvas or lightweight tietex material with foam shoulder and waist straps Adjustable straps feature O-ring/hook and loop closure
Padded pressure sensitive straps improve comfort Waist strap is easily adjusted or can be removed Deep pocket design Two adjustment points for each strap allows for
Sling and Swathe – the shoulder immobilizer that’s designed for shoulder injuries & post-op. Ossur Sling Swathe Shoulder Immobilizer Instructions. Patient Lifts & Slings from WI Medical, Inc. – Largo, FL. DELUXE SLING AND DETACHABLE SWATHE NON RETAIL. Jobst. .50. View Details. Show only.

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Deroyal Arm Sling Instructions >>>CLICK HERE<<< DeRoyal Canvas Swathe Shoulder Immobilizers, canvas sling with attached the Shoulder Immobilizer with Canvas Swathe is ideal for left or right arm use. Deroyal LMB Extension Finger Splint by DEROYAL: Deroyal LMB Extension Finger Splint is ideal Brand/Manufacturer: DEROYAL Core Envelope Arm Sling.
14/10/2014 · Post op arthroscopic rotator cuff repair instruction for shoulder immobilizer.
Bird and Cronin manufactures high quality orthopedic soft goods including arm slings, shoulder immobilizers, clavicle braces, wrist supports, wrist braces, thumb spicas, elbow supports and protectors.

1 1. Place arm in sling. Pull rings together. 2 Shoulder Immobilizing Sling 501 Warnings and Instructions: Review carefully, proper application is required
Universal Deluxe Shoulder Sling. Universal Essential Shoulder Sling. Universal Sling and Swathe . Immobilizers and Stabilizers. Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer. Essential Shoulder Immobilizer. KoolSling and Kool Sling Immobilizer. Shoulder Stabilizer. Straight Shoulder Immobilizer. Straight Shoulder Immobilizer – Deluxe. Universal Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer. Download / Print PDF. Categories
UNIVERSAL ARM SLING Application Instructions 1. Depending on arm length, size sling by adjusting the hook and loop on the inside of the sling. 2. Fold material over as shown above and attach hook and loop. 3. Position open sling on affected arm and secure strap around neck. 4. Strap can be cut to size and loose hook strip can be placed where needed. Hook Full Length Sling Loop 10000017
24/09/2018 · Currently, the best shoulder immobilizer is the DonJoy UltraSling IV. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest arm sling shoulder immobilizers since 2016.
Essential Shoulder Sling. Neutral Wedge Shoulder Brace. Pediatric Sling 2. Shoulder Abduction Pillow. SlingShot® 2 Shoulder Brace. SlingShot® 3 Shoulder Brace. SlingShot® Neutral Shoulder Brace . Universal Abduction Sling. Universal Deluxe Shoulder Sling. Universal Essential Shoulder Sling. Universal Sling and Swathe. Download / Print PDF. Categories. Knee Braces; Cold Therapy; DVT

10/06/2013 · Comfortable and durable black sling designed for shoulder immobilisation and arm support. Adjustable shoulder and waist straps. Adjustable shoulder and waist straps. Category
The shoulder immobilizer is a soft foam support which consists of four parts: the chestband, arm strap, wrist strap and shoulder strap. The purpose of the shoulder immobilizer is to prevent the shoulder joint from moving. Wearing the shoulder immobilizer keeps your shoulder in the correct position for healing. II. Application of the shoulder
2465 / sling and swathe shoulder immobilizer This popular support is designed to restrict movement in and around the shoulder by reducing abduction and arm rotation. The lightweight materials, generous hook and loop closures and reversible design result in a product that is simple to apply, comfortable to wear, and suitable for most adult figure types.
Active SA Sling S-L (531) This arm/shoulder sling/immobilizer provides both maximum comfort and optimum function. The envelope is constructed of high quality black mesh for improved air circulation Features 2 foam straps that are easily adjustable to…
Shoulder Sling Immobilizer & Shoulder Stabilizers. Its a condition that all too many people have gone through: After a tough sports game or a work-related accident, joints can become inflamed or bones can be fractured. The pain is often bad enough to merit a visit to the doctor, though the damage is not bad enough to warrant a cast being placed
Arm Slings and Shoulder Immobilisers. Welcome to our Arm Slings and Shoulder Immobiliser Slings page. Here you will find a full range of arm and shoulder slings to suit your requirements. If you require any assistance in choosing the correct sling for your requirements, please contact us on 020 7720 2266 or

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Sling is constructed with soft cotton/poly for patient comfort. Designed to exert upward pressure and immobilize arm and shoulder. Waist and shoulder straps are a plush foam laminate with contact closure. Fits right or left arm. Indication: Ideal for immobilization and support of the shoulder and elbow joints.
Sling has Adjustable straps; Shoulder Pad . Fitting Instructions for the Deluxe Shoulder Immobiliser. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below for a guide to fitting the Deluxe Shoulder Immobiliser. Fasten one end of the strap through the D-ring on the end of the sling that will support the elbow
Cool, lightweight pile/foam construction provides patient comfort during rehabilitation following surgery or dislocation. Two over-the-shoulder criss-cross straps with a slide buckle for proper strap adjustment. Shoulder straps attach to the sling with contact closure to ensure proper weight distribution and ease of use. One size fits up to 54″ waist.
Sizes: s, m, l, xl The Kool Sling features Airmesh for enhanced breathability and a cool, comfortable fit. It also includes extra padding around the neck for added comfort, quick release buckles for ease of application, and a thumb rest to minimize migration.
Arm Sling, Breathable Mesh Medical Sling with Waist Strap, Shoulder Immobilizer Elbow Arm Support for Broken Arm, Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder Injury, Available for Women and Men, Left or Right Arm
The AirCast Quick-Fit Shoulder Immobilizer has a thick-padded shoulder and waist straps designed for all day comfort and support. Full adjustability helps secure the arm in a protected position. The sling can be used on both the right or left sides of the body, and is well suited for …
Shoulder Immobilizer with Abduction Pillow. Manuf: Medline. Compare. View Item List. Elastic Shoulder Immobilizers Compare. View Item List. Sling-Style Shoulder Immobilizer with Neck Pad. Manuf: Medline. Compare. View Item List. Universal Sling and Swathe Immobilizers. Manuf: Medline . Compare. View Item List. Sling-Style Shoulder Immobilizers with Foam

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