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PREMIERE PARTIE : REGLEMENTS TECHNIQUES 1. Définition Le combat de kung fu traditionnel : Cest une forme de rencontre qui oppose deux combattants (de même sexe). Lefficacité sur les techniques et la combativité sont recherchées. En compétition, les combats entre homme et femme et les rencontres de plus de deux personnes sont interdits. 2.
Kung-Fu-429 à 556 16/12/05 12:54 Page 513 – « Le style de l’homme ivre » répertorie de nombreux types de chutes, en toutes directions.Mais celles-ci se rangent toutes en …
Kung Fu Techniques from the Dragon Kung Fu Theory. This Kung Fu Techniques article is part two of a two part article. Last month I talked about the Tiger Kung Fu Techniques.If you read that martial arts article closely you probably have an inkling of what I am going to say this month.
Salut, Je trouve que sur les 5 animaux classique du kung fu je suis assez proche du leopard; ma definition du leopard serrait d’attaquer de facon tres agressive et definitive uniquement lorsque l’on sait que l’on va avoir le dessus, sinon on prend ses distances et on garde un bon niveau defensif.

technique et d’arbitrage). Les tables des officiels sont suffisamment éloignées de la surface de combat pour des raisons de sécurité. 7. LES COMPETITEURS 7.1. Définition Les pratiquant(e)s de COMBAT KUNG FU TRADITIONNEL qui participent à des rencontres sont des combattants (masculins) ou des combattantes (féminines). 7.2. Catégories d
Dragon Style Quick and powerful moves form an important feature of the dragon style of kung fu. The different techniques involving clawing, fist and palm are given importance in comparison to jumps and kicks. The dragon style, which is also known as ‘Lung Ying’ employs different techniques for crippling the opponent to such an extent that he is not able to fight anymore. Damaging the joints of
Comment apprendre le Kung Fu tout seul. Le kung-fu, aussi appelé gong fu, est un art martial chinois ancien. Vous avez envie d’apprendre cet art, mais il n’y a pas d’école près de chez vous, les cours sont trop chers ou votre emploi du te…
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The Northern Shaolin style of kung fu is one of the most prominent traditional northern styles of Chinese martial arts. The northern styles of kung-fu generally emphasize long range techniques, quick advances and retreats, wide stances, kicking and leaping techniques, whirling circular blocks, quickness, agility, and aggressive attacks.

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Many kung fu styles base their techniques on the movements of animals. These animals include the snake, dragon, crane, leopard and tiger, among others. According to the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, a tiger stylist “leaps into attack” and goes for a quick resolution of a fight.
History of White Dragon (Pai Lum) Chinese fighting arts have many names — Kung Fu, Chuan Fa, Wu Shu, Kempo, etc. The name used to indicate Chinese martial arts is of little importance compared to the techniques embodied within the Chinese style.
In the following article, the New Hampshire-based master, who serves as Shaolin Temple’s cultural ambassador to the United States, continues the topic he started in his March 2007 Shaolin Path column by describing and demonstrating the self-defense techniques of the five animals of the Chinese arts. Kung Fu Animal Style #1: Tiger

Distinguished by circular movement when delivering parries and attacks, kung fu snake style employs an upright, mobile stance as opposed to the horse stance used by most other styles. This mobile stance enables quick advances and sidestepping. Since snake stylists are taught to spring from rest to full attack, they do
iii Master of Pugilistic Arts Venerable Lam Sai Wing (1860-1943) “Since my young years till now, for 50 years, I have been learning from Masters.
He created a new style which he called Praying Mantis from watching a fight between a praying mantis and a bird. His style is not related to the Northern Praying Mantis created by Wang Lang during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Ah Naam taught the style to many people in …
Training Methods of 72 Arts of Shaolin Tanjin, 1934 Editor: Andrew Timofeevich Translation: Wang Keze Oleg Korshunov Ekaterina Rycheva Leonid Serbin Seng Sinfu Shaolin Kung Fu OnLine Library www.kungfulibrary.com 2004. 2 Contents Author’s preface >> 7 Short biographies of the compilers >> 13 Biography of the Reverend Miao Xing >> 15 Discourse of the Tutor Miao Xing about Training Exercises
Le Kung Fu Intensif » Traditionnel « Le Kung Fu Intensif » Sportif « Cours Compétition. Le Cours Compétition » Enfants & Juniors « Le Cours Compétition » Adultes « Règlement intérieur; Bourse de l’école de Wushu des Pays de la Loire 2018; News; Wushupaedia. Histoire; Techniques. Techniques de base; Taolus; Styles; Armes; Personnages importants. Pratiquants Célèbres; Maîtres
This book features the origin, forms, fighting techniques and applications of the unique Southern Shaolin style of Choi Mok Kuen. Many of the techniques are unique and phenomenal, such as “The Snake Sliding on the Water”, “Wind and Thunder Hands”, “Puzzling Steps”… Shaolin Ten-Animal is a famous set in Southern Shaolin Kung Fu. The ten
Dragon Style Many styles of Kung fu were created by watching or imitating the movements of animals, birds, insects, or by molding the system after the movements of nature, as in the Nature Fist Style. The Dragon Style, on the other hand, is the only style named after a mythical animal. Some people would argue that Chuka Shaolin or Phoenix Eye
Le Kung fu dragon est un style de kung fu inventé par maître Lam Yu Kwai (1876-1966). Le lieu de naissance de ce dernier se trouve dans un petit village nommé Tupotau, dans la région du Guandgong. Son père, Lam Guig Yuen lui enseigna les rudiments de base des boxes de l’ethnie Ha Ka.
Kung fu beginners and Wushu training for beginners. In China, the martial arts, wushu, kung fu, wu kung mean the same thing: China kung fu. There are various kung fu styles and sects in China, but all of them have the same root from Shaolin Kung Fu, and all of them relate with the China Culture.The chinese kung fu are training for healthy, denfense, follow the natural way and pay attention to

By using techniques in instructional multimedia, the website “Wing Chun Kung Fu 3D – WK3D.com” offers people a new experience by which to learn Kung Fu. I hope people will garner more interest and understanding in Wing Chun after playing with this 3D interactive application. WING CHUN – 2 …
Meng’s of Greenwood teaches Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts as it was originally discovered by the Shaolin monks. When defending oneself, it is impossible to know what will be necessary – kicking, punching, trapping or grappling. Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu is a system that is not limited by style or technique. It is a complete martial
This is a commonly used stance in kung fu and tai chi forms, but is not a practical technique for fighting in kung fu except by advanced practitioners. Crane style techniques that are more often seen in fighting are the white crane wing — for blocking — and the crane beak — for striking.

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Basics of The Shaolin Dragon Kung Fu The Dragon Kung Fu practitioner typically attacks with low liquidation yang, that is powerful and quick movements. For example, when striking with the fist, more power may be exercised where the movement is from the feet, is guided by the size, flows through the body and exits through the fist.
30/03/2018 · Today I share a technique of an Animal Form in Kung Fu, the Snake. The characteristic of Snake form its fluidity, agility and speed. Solid body work and hands techniques …
Kung fu is primarily a striking style of martial arts that utilizes kicks, blocks, and both open and closed hand strikes to defend against attackers. Depending on the style, kung fu practitioners may also possess knowledge of throws and joint locks. The art utilizes both hard (meeting force with force) and soft (using an aggressor’s strength
24/05/2010 · Master Wu Nanfang, one of the two fourth generation Shaolin Chan Wu Yi Kung Fu Masters from the Wugulun lineage, does a Dragon Form in the grounds of …
11/10/2010 · This is Southern Dragon kung fu’s basic principles. I’m not doing the forms since its rigidity has little real combat applications. Most of the moves are unique, and illegal in sports martial arts
Le système. Le Nam Pai Chuan est avant tout un des innombrables styles du kung fu.C’est un art martial très complet et très diversifié : il inclut les coups avec les mains et les pieds, les attaques sur les points de pression, les blocages, les projections (chin-na), ainsi que les armes traditionnelles, différents taos et des techniques de Qi gong.

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des sept étoiles. C’est le style de Kung Fu que vous pratiquez; basé sur l’imitation de l’in-secte homonyme. Gong Fu (Kung Fu): Art Martial Chinois que vous avez la chance de pratiquer. Remarquable pour la richesse et la varié-té de ses techniques, utilisant aussi bien les pieds, les poings,
Kung Fu History. Originally developed as an all-encompassing philosophy, Kung Fu teaches physical, mental and even medical techniques. Shaolin Kung Fu is the merging of older Kung Fu techniques with Shaolin Boxing techniques, which were practiced by Shaolin monks in China.
Kung Fu Dragon Kung Fu Style Kung Fu Techniques Kung Shaolin Kung Wushu Pak Mei Tao Kung Fu. Voici quelques vidéos vous montrant des kung fu techniques qui sauront vous être utiles. Vidéo 1: kung fu techniques – Les concepts et applications défensifs Vidéo 2: kung fu techniques – Technique du singe Voici un grand maître dans l’art du Shaolin kung fu et de sa technique du singe! Il existe
Préparez efficacement votre formation de Kung fu en Chine Pourquoi ce livret ? J’ai effectué mes premières formations en Chine seul de 2001 à 2003 pour étudier le style Shaolin et le Changquan pendant plusieurs mois. Puis j’ai perfectionné mon chinois en
Training Methods of 72 Arts of Shaolin Tanjin, 1934 Editor: Andrew Timofeevich Translation: Wang Keze Oleg Korshunov Ekaterina Rycheva Leonid Serbin Seng Sinfu Shaolin Kung Fu OnLine Library www.kungfulibrary.com 2004. 2 Contents Author’s preface 7 Short biographies of the compilers 13 Biography of the Reverend Miao Xing 15 Discourse of the Tutor Miao Xing about Training Exercises …
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48 WING-CHUN KUNG-FU — LES SECRETS DE BRUCE LEE Grun Sao (blocage de bras roulant). Comme le Garn Sao, c’est une technique des deux bras devant être utilisée le long de l’axe central. Elle traite bras ou jambe de l’adversaire de dessus ou de dessous.
Dragon Style is a kung fu fighting style. The Dragon is the most noble, and most powerful of all legendary creatures. To master the Dragon Style one must first master all eleven of the other animal styles. Dragon Style takes the best parts from each of the other styles and combines them into…
All other stances used in Shaolin Kung Fu are basically just variations of these 5 basic stances. I have listed the most common names for these 5 basic stances. The names for the stances might vary because some styles of Shaolin Kung Fu use different names for the same stance. For example, the Forward Stance is also sometimes called the Bow

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The Combat Techniques Of Shaolin Kung Fu Legendary Animal Styles. bo. Floyd Burk. hook. kick. kung fu snake . March, 2011, If you’re on the prowl for new ways to improve your martial arts skills and expand your knowledge base, the five animals of Shaolin kung fu are for you. By studying the fighting methods of the snake, crane, tiger, leopard and dragon, you’ll glimpse kung fu through the
Voir notamment le bouquin de Roland Habersetzer sur les taolu du kung fu (lequel s’appuie sur de nombreuses publications chinoises dont certaines sont disponibles auprès des éditions YouFeng). Pour les styles du sud, on trouve aisément les 3 taolu du wing chun. Pour les autres styles, exceptés le hung gar, cela est moins évident. Tu peux
Kung Fu is one of the most well-known traditional Chinese cultures. It was first introduced abroad by Chinese-American Kung Fu master Bruce Lee. His Kung Fu movies made Chinese Kung Fu sweep across the world. Kung Fu has many systems and styles such as Shaolin Temple and Tai Chi and below are top 10 famous Chinese Kung Fu styles.
five animal system, based on dragon, tiger, panther, snake, and crane. This system is integral to the Shaolin fighting styles and has influenced many other kung fu styles as well. The five animals represent physical and spiritual traits that are needed for fighting skills to be effective. Shaolin practitioners believed that imitation
The foot Kicks of Dragon Kung fu style based on Zig-zag movements representing relaxation of the body when practice Dragon kung fu. Focus to train and condition the body. Be righteous and uphold your honor. Respect your parents, honor your teacher. Treat others with honesty; treat your friends with loyalty. Dragon style Kung fu techniques
The style uses techniques that can cripple or kill an opponent if the need arises or it can be used simply to control a minor street fighting situation. Lung Ying (Dragon form) focuses mainly on powerful, short range attacks, as is common among southern Chinese styles of kung fu. Gripping techniques and extensive use of forearms typify the art. The style was created as an aggressive combat art
Kung Fu is typically thought of as a physical martial art, but Shaolin Monks fused combat techniques with their spiritual way of life to create Shaolin Kung Fu. From Shaolin Kung Fu sprang a wealth of new styles, like Dragon Style Kung Fu, which draws inspiration from mythology and spirituality. There are also animal styles, which draw from

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