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May 29, 2017 · The polite reaction to the TCR’s mandatory heft test is ‘wow’, as in the 6.14kg mass of my ML size must have professional team mechanics worrying how to bring it up to the UCI’s 6.8kg
A version of this article was originally published in Triathlete Magazine Dear Tech Support, My wife bought me 2002 Giant TCR2 road bike… This is my first fairly nice road bike, so I have nothing to compare it to. I was wondering several things. First, did I get a good bike? My riding buddies frequently […]
Dec 13, 2018 · Hi, just asking any Giant owners about sizing on the TCR advanced, I am 5ft 8ins and 30′ inside leg and it looks like I am on the S or M crossover size guide, my LBS has one on display but as I am not buying from them as its cheaper elsewhere, so don’t want to waste their time, I just wanted a guide on size from someone who actually rides one, I know its more race position than the defy but I
Jan 31, 2018 · A quick video having a look at what you get for your money at the TOP end of Giant’s TCR range and the BOTTOM. Then a look at what you could do with the cash you save if …
Sizing Guide and Geometry. Sizing to be used as a reference only. Please check with a local authorized Liv or Giant dealer to determine the correct size. Available sizes may vary from country to country.
Apr 24, 2008 · The Giant TCR C3 is the choice for the pacy sportive rider, and the rather good looking and quality T700 carbon frame is the reason to spend £1450 on it. The slender tube lines smooth out road
Giant » TCR » TCR C2 2007; Giant TCR C2 2007. Tweet. Looking for the latest version of this bike? Specs. Sizes 46.5cm, 50cm, 53.5cm, 55.5cm, 58.5cm (Frame size guide) How to beat back ache on a bike. Colours Silver, Black and White Frame type Rigid
The nearest to the 56 Venge is the M/L Giant, the Large Giant I believe in the TCR has a 58.5 top tube, its a big bike. I worked in a Giant dealers and most 6ft cyclists rode a M/L Giant, a few even went for a M if they wanted an aggressive position, I don’t think we ever sold an L Giant to anyone 6ft.

Jul 10, 2014 · This is what I hate about Giant sizing. I’m within 1/2″ of your height (might be closer to 5’11”) and my inseam is 33.75. So proportionally, I have an inch less torso. I look for three things when I size myself on a bike. 1st – 73/73 angles, 2nd – TT ~57cm and HT 15-16cm. So based on the Giant chart, an ML would about suit me.
With its Advanced-grade composite frame, which minimizes weight without sacrificing its best-in-class stiffness, the TCR Advanced Pro puts you in position to win. Legendary Compact Road race geometry blends quick, precise handling with aggressive positioning, and the OverDrive 2 front end delivers razor-sharp steering performance.
Nov 13, 2016 · The Giant TCR was a trailblazer when it first launched. And, it’s still going strong. Subscribe to GCN: Get exclusive GCN gear in the GCN
I’m slightly confused by the sizing of the Giant road bike range , taking a quick look on a certain large online retailers website it says the medium is suitable for riders between 5’7″ …
Jul 01, 2008 · Giant TCR C2 Sizing Help Trying to find out a good bike fit. Just came back from LBS tried out Giant TCR C2, I tried size M and S, they both fit OK. I am 5′ 8″ with 30″ inseam 150 lbs; Giant recommends M. This is my first try for a compact frame. Thanks. 06-21-2008 #2
Giant TCR Sizing. arogers. Member. I’ve been offered a silly-cheap deal on a TCR Advanced. Only problem is they don’t have an XL, which I think would be my preferred size. Having said that, at
Giant TCR Composite 2 Road Bike user reviews : 4.2 out of 5 – 61 reviews. fits well despite the sizing disrepancies, apparently lasting into it’s second owner (me) after a crash and 4 years. tcr c2 completly gutted except levers and deraileurs ultegra crank dura ace chain and cassett junked the factory mavic rims and replaced with dura
Jun 18, 2011 · I just bought a TCR advanced SL 3. I am 6’3 with a 36 inseam (measured the bike fit way, not my pant size). I got a XL and have put a 100mm stem on it

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Anyone with a Giant TCR tell me what is the normal stem length for someone 180cm / 5’11 riding a ML (2018) size Giant TCR? I was in between M and ML and went for ML, which suits me as I found that my knees felt too close to the ends of the drops when I was stood up on the M.
Giant believes the Giant/Liv/Momentum retailer is an essential part of the cycling foundation. Competent bicycle retailers make the difference in creating a cyclist for life. Our family of retailers is ready to communicate our mutual commitment to the cycling lifestyle and its lifelong health benefits.
Jun 13, 2018 · + sizing chart from Giant UK: Yes it basically recommends you the S size but take a look at the height/inseam segmentation and ask yourself: Would you rather like to ride a bike which also fits a 5’3″ person or a bike of a 5’7″ person? I just saw that this chart also contradicts the sizing recommendations from the US site which is a bit odd
Feb 16, 2014 · Sizing & Fit . Buyer’s Guides Not that long ago, Composite frames were at the top of Giant’s TCR tree. But when Giant’s Advanced frames came along Composites were bumped down to …
Jun 01, 2005 · So the Giant XS S M L XL sizing scheme is confusing me. According to, my bike size is a 51-53. According to Giant bicycle company’s website, my hight makes me a Medium frame size, but my inseam makes me a Small size bike. ARG! The small size Giant is equivelant to a 51, 53, and 55cm bike. How
The road calls. From high mountain peaks to neighborhood streets and bike paths, Giant road bikes for men are your invitation to ride. Whether you’re digging deep for a new PR, commuting in the city, or on a casual cruise, make the most of every ride with one of our men’s road bikes.
In the original compact specification from the Burrows TCR, Giant made S/M/L. This would have made life easy. The pros wanted intermediate sizing, so M/L came about.
Hi all Buying a Giant online and wondered how accurate the sizing was? Can appreciate some frames seem to come up a little out either way so if anyone has any experience of owning a Giant TCR Advanced and can offer any comments, much appreciated.
Apr 23, 2018 · Giant TCR Advanced 2 – Road Bike of the Year 2018 Winner The carbon-fibre TCRs come in three levels, each denoting lighter, stiffer material, and this Advanced 2 is the second cheapest of the

Giant Defy, Propel, TCR & Rapid sizes. Intended Use: To be ridden on paved roads only. With endurance style geometry and built in compliance, the Giant Defy is a sportive bike that is ideal for long distance cycling. Lightweight with razor sharp handling, the Giant TCR is …
Jul 20, 2012 · I have a question on Giant TCR Sizing. I’m 5″10 with apparently a shorter torso. I’m test riding a M TCR but feel stretched with a 100 mm stem. Giant for some reason jumps from a 535 MM top tupe on the Small to a 555 on the M. Most companies go …
Hi, I’m italian and, in Italy, Defy has very low selling numbers, almost everybody that buy a Giant, buy a TCR. Last week I decided to buy a Defy Advanced 2 and I’m in doubt about the size. Of course there was no Defy to try out in the shop. The seller phoned to Giant Italy and they said that the correct size …
Jun 24, 2019 · The Giant TCR is a modern classic and is arguably one of the best bikes of its generation. For this year we have stuck with its value offering the Advanced 2, which has all the best bits of the
Dec 06, 2009 · Presumably, s/he saw you on the bike, Giant hasn’t. If you want to do some upfront research before visiting the Giant dealer, note the geo of the 54 Trek and see what size TCR most closely matches, primarily effective TT length. Also note the HT lengths, because unless you rode a Madone Pro, the HT on the TCR will likely be shorter. That’ll
1.86m and rode an M/L in Giant TCR (usually ride a 58cm in other brands)and it always felt good. The M/L is recommended for somebody shorter than me on the Giant sticker on the bike so the Medium may well be the right size for you even if Giant themselves recommend a different rider height.
Currently selling a Giant TCR C1 frame size is M/L and I’m 5’11 if that helps. Posted 7 years ago
Giant TCR Advanced Carbon Fiber Road Bike with new Wheels And Tires. ,500.00. Free shipping. Make Offer – Giant TCR Advanced Carbon Fiber Road Bike with new Wheels And Tires. Giant TCR Advanced SL Medium Rim Brake. ,250.00 +.91 shipping. Make Offer – Giant TCR Advanced SL …

Giant Bicycles has been making carbon fiber bicycles for decades, and their TCR line of composite frames has been tuned and perfected for six years. For 2008, you will see the pro-level, integrated-seat-mast TCR Advance frame on Team High-Road bikes competing on the ProTour. The TCR-C1 is the most elite model of Giant’s second-tier, race-ready […]
This is for a 2008 Giant TCR C2. To understand the perspective of this review i am a 6’2″ 215lb rider who often uses more strength than technique when riding, The bike is quite good looking and a great value for the dollar compared to a lot of the similarly equipped bikes I tested from competitors.
Giant Bike Size Guide Click here to view all of our Giant Bikes product range. Sizing Guide for Giant Bikes. General Guidance: It is possible to ascertain a close approximation of the correct bike size required using the simple calculation below.
Dec 22, 2013 · So here it is, a summary of all the Road bike models and sizing guide to get you started with your favorite model. If you like the Giant’s Compact frame design and reliable performance, just get one and start enjoying. Ride safe and happy pedaling.
TCR Advanced SL Team TCR Advanced SL 0 TCR Advanced SL 1 2009 is going to be a big year for Giant. Not only is the company enjoying great publicity with the Columbia team on the pro race scene
Jan 22, 2009 · A brief description of my new Giant TCR Road bike. Full carbon fiber frame, Ultegra components, Mavic wheels. This is one sweet ride!
Whatever the race situation, the legendary TCR Advanced SL gives you an advantage. It’s built on the lightest road frameset ever produced by Giant, and it boasts an unrivaled stiffness-to-weight ratio for pure speed and efficiency.

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Apr 07, 2006 · I just bought the Giant TCR 2, which I would suggest looking at for a racier geometry. Anyway, the Giant site said that I should be on a large, but when I was measured, I was fit for the XL. It just goes to show that the website is based on common body measurements but is not the sizing bible.
Giant TCR C2 Large Bike – 2007. Sizing Guide. The chart below provides a general suggested height of range for Road Bike sizes and is not exact. Sizing may vary across brands. + Read more

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